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Want to live here?

Discover our idyllic, rural and sociable lifestyle at Laughton Lodge.

There are around twenty five houses all sharing this unique space. See all current opportunities to live here or contact Hannah:

07846 838750 (please leave a message if no answer)
Email her here

Renting or buying?

On average, one or two homes come up for sale or rent per year. Laughton Lodge is popular, so if you wish to live here, it's worth visiting us, joining one of our monthy work days. Extend your stay overnight in one of our newly-refurbished guesthouses and be woken up with birdsong.

What's Laughton Lodge's ethos?

There is no religion or spiritual group that binds us, which makes us rather unique. Our common aims are to live the way we wish as individuals with the support of each other as something a bit more than neighbours.

What about the children?

There are currently about 40 children and 40 adults in the community.

Our children have a lot of freedom, and are welcomed in each other's houses, as well as having their own room in our community centre. This has enabled them to form strong and lasting bonds with each other. The children that have grown up at Laughton Lodge all have a positive attitude towards their peers and other adults.

What do you do with all the land?

Much of the land is left as beautiful meadow. We also have gardens, horses, allotments, chickens, a meditation area, fruit trees, sociable areas, play and sport areas, a polytunnel and a small strip of woodland.

How is everything managed?

We have sub-groups such as facilities, land maintenance and finances. You are encouraged to join at least one of these. Agreements between these groups create proposals for discussion at main meetings. We operate on the basis of concensus decision making.

We currently have off-grid water (pure spring water in our taps!), heating and an internal phone and internet system. We have a lot of community equipment from bikes to mowers, and everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand when something needs to be done.

So will I have any duties?

No, not duties. Your skills and passions will shine through and you will invest some of your time helping to keep Laughton Lodge ticking over. What you do and how you get involved is your choice. Think social life, great neighbours, security, gorgeous location and extra room in the community centre. That's what keeps us here!

What types of people live there?

All sorts. Actors, artists, producers, writers, public sector workers, home-makers, programmers, lecturers, you name it!

Will the private events in the community centre impose upon my life?

Not much. We keep weekend events to a minimum, and we only accept bookings that work for us. We encourage residents to hold their own events here, too, where possible.

How can I find out more or go on a waiting list for a house?

You can see any current opportunities here or contact Hannah:

07846 838750 (please leave a message if no answer)
Email her here

Some of the residents of Laughton Lodge
Charlie, our horse is magical
for the children and grown ups alike.
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